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Control Products Distributor

CONTROSYS Engineering is a control products distributor, stockist and service centre in Asia of monitoring and control products: industrial switches, annunciator, led indicator, metering instrument, terminal blocks, actuator, valve control, and a solution provider for annunciator panel, mimic panel, mosaic panel, local control panel, fire & gas monitoring panel and safety shut down pushbutton panel.

These are the manufacturers of control products that we represent:

Kimura Electric
Mosaic Mimic Monitoring System
Annunciator Alarm Monitoring System
Annunciator Windows
LED’s System & Indicator
Interface Terminals
Terminal Block
Electronic Buzzer
Laurel Electronics Inc.
Digital Panel Meter
Electronics Counter
Electronics Timer
Transmitter 4-20mA & Ethernet
Transmitter 4-20mA & RS232/RS485
Bargraph Display
Large Digital Display
Apex Automation Solution
AIC400 Alarm Annunciators
AIS750 Alarm Annunciators
AI7525 Alarm Annunciators
L7525 Light Box Annunciator
AIWR Alarm Annunciators
LW Light Box Annunciator
RS232/RS485/Ethernet MODBUS
Quintex GmbH
EXe Terminal Junction Box
EXe Control Station
EXp Overpressure System
EXe Control Units
EXd LED Signal Tower
Trace Heating Tape
Line Bushing
Ovation™ Controller OCR1100
Ovation™ Enterprise Data Solutions
Ovation™ Machinery Health Monitor
Ovation™ Simulation Solutions
Ovation™ Security Center
Ovation™ Process Historian
Ovation™ Compact Controller
New Elfin SRL
22mm Control Units
30mm Flush Control Units
Modular Lighting System
Safety Control Devices
Stainless Steel Enclosure IP66
Cast Aluminum Enclosure IP66
Thermoplastic Enclosure IP67
Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik
Screw Clamp Terminal
Spring Clamp Terminal
Monitoring Control Relays
PLC Interface Relay
Protection Control Relay
Opto Coupler Modules
Alarm Relay Controller
Renu Electronics
FlexiLogics PLC
FlexiPanel HMI
FlexiPanel HMI with I/O’s
FlexiPanel WinCE HMI
Industrial PC
Field Digital & Analogue I/O’s
Taiwan Marine
3 1/2 Digital Process Meter
4 1/2 Digital Process Meter
Digital Process Meter
Microprocessor Digital Meter
Intelligence Multifunction Meter
AC Transducer
DC Transmitter
SwitchLab Inc.
16mm Control Units
22mm Control Units
Safety Interlock Switch
Limit Switch
Cam Switch
Interface Terminal
Terminal Block
Kun Hung Electric
16mm Control Unit
22mm Control Unit
Power & Mini Relay
Timer & Counter
Water Level Control Switch
LED Tower Light
Proximity & Limit Switch
Tele Haase Steuergeräte Ges.m.b.H.
Tele Haase
Timing Relays
Power Electronics
Monitoring Relays
Load Monitor
Grid and System Protection
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